About The Aviation Magazine

The Aviation Magazine traces its beginnings back to 2009. However, the creators behind the magazine had been involved with air shows since 1999 in various formats, and on several web sites in the USA, Germany and Canada. We are aviation enthusiasts and just love airplanes of all types from warbirds to modern military, and everything in between. We focus on military aviation (Navy, Air Force, Army) and services such as Police, Fire Departments, and other civilian authorities. Aviation combined with photography is our passion! And our passion and professionalism is shown in our on-line publication. The Aviation Magazine is published six times a year. The current magazine issue is available for free by downloading it from our site. Back issues are also available for download free of charge. The Aviation Magazine is dedicated to feature the very best in aviation and military photography. Our articles are richly illustrated with stunning photography. We at The Aviation Magazine (formerly The Magazine by AirShowsReview) attend not only air shows, but visit many aviation related events from museums and highlight visits to military air bases and national and international exercises worldwide, such as Red Flag, Maple Flag, NATO Tiger Meet, and etc. Since 2007, we have been the original trend setters on the internet and most imitated but never been surpassed in quality. The Aviation Magazine has been recognized by the leading air show organizers, pilots, performers as well as by Air Forces worldwide for our outstanding coverage by event organizers: Please always check our current list of staff before granting any media passes!