2015 Event Review

Tours Airshow, Sunday June 7, 2015
Location: Tours Air Base, France
Admission: 10 € per adult, children under 16 years 5 €, children under 12 and disabled persons free
Parking: Free
Value: Good
Rating out of 10: 9.5
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2015 MEETING de Tours poster

The French Air Force Base 705, known as Base Aérienne 705 Tours celebrated its centennial with a large air show on June 7, 2015. Apart from the French Air Force it include several international participants such as the Red Arrows from the UK, the Belgian Air Force F-16A MLU, Demo Team, the Marche Verte Aerobatic Team from Morocco.

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the AB 705 Tours, a special painted ALPHAJET was on display, among the many other aircraft on display for the aviation enthusiasts to look at, including a rarely seen aircraft in Europe at air shows; the A-10C from Davis-Monthan AFB, located in Arizona, USA.

As expected the French Air Force had a strong presence with all of their aerobatic teams performing that included the Rafale Solo Jet, Patrouille Cartouche Doré, with three Epsilon TB 30 aircraft, the L´Equipe de Voltige, Ramex Delta Team with their two Mirage 2000N, and of course Patrouille de France, with eight Alpha Jet flying superbly.

For the warbird enthusiast there were plenty to see in the air: AD-4N Skyraider, Dassault Flamant MD 311/312, Nord 1101, P-51D Mustang, among them and plenty modern on static display that included a C101, Special 100.000 Tiger Tail, from Spain, Eurofighter, from TLwG31, Germany,

Typhoon F2, from Saudi Arabia, the Italians showed off their MB 339, and MB 346. and so much more...

Over all the whole event was very well organized, the parking area was outside the base, still everything was within the reach. Not much queueing up in front of the entrance, everything went smoothly.

We would like to thank the organizer, especially for the Spotter Day on Friday and the VIP Day on Saturday.

Display participants:

Patrouille de France, 8x Alpha Jet, French Air Force

L´Equipe de Voltige, French Air Force

Patrouille Cartouche Doré, 3x Epsilon TB 30, French Air Force

Ramex Delta Team, 2x Mirage 2000N, French Air Force

Rafale C, Solo Display, French Air Force

Ecole de l´Aviation de chasse, 4x Alpha Jet, French Air Force

Red Arrows, 9x Hawk T1, Royal Air Force, UK
Marche Verte, 8x Cap 232, Morocco
F-16A MLU, Demo Team, Belgian Air Force
Super Puma AS332M1, Swiss Air Force

Dassault Flamant MD 311/312

Fouga Magister CM-170, France

EC 120B,


P-51D Mustang
Bücker Breitling
AD-4N Skyraider
Mosquito [3/4 scale replica]
Broussard MH1521
De Havilland Vampire
North AmericanT6-G Texan
Nord 1101
Stampe S4

STATIC displays:

Mirage 2000D, EC 1 /3 Navarre
Mirage 2000-5F, EC1/ 2 Cigognes
Rafale, F11, Navy
C101, Special 100.000 Tiger Tail, Spain
Eurofighter, TLwG31, Germany
Typhoon F2, Saudi Arabia
MB 339, Italy
MB 346, Italy
MB 346, Singapore
A-10C, DM 354th FS, USA

Alpha Jet

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