2015 Event Review

Malta International Airshow:  September 26 & 27, 2015
Location: Park 4, Malta International Airport
Admission: Pre Paid Tickets Adults: Saturday: €10 / Sunday: €13;  At the gateSaturday: €13 / Sunday: €15, Children Under 14 Free. A 4-Day Pack Ticket was also available for €90 including arriavla nd departure days.
Parking: Free at Park 3 and LTM Apron
Value: Very Good
Rating out of 10: 8.75
MCAS Yuma base commander
The 23rd Malta International Airshow organised by the Malta Aviation Society was held on the 26/27 September 2015. The weather was fortunately much better than forecast. The airshow was yet again superbly organized with excellent comments by foreign airshow enthusiasts.
This year's arrivals began on Thursday 24th and on Friday 25th, as in previous editions of the airshow, the MAS volunteers and pass holders were taken to the Runway 31 threshold to view and capture the arrivals.
The gates were open from 10.00 am to 6.00pm on both days. Attendance was high and all free parking places available were taken up on Sunday - all of which were managed very efficiently by the younger volunteers from the Malta Aviation Society. Despite no participation by "big" aerobatic teams, the organizers secured enough material to spice up the public's interest as well as that of foreign media and aviation enthusiasts from Europe. As in all previous air shows, spectators were in a very strategic place close to where the taxiing aircraft and flight display took place thus being able to capture all the action without difficulty.
Restroom facilities were predominantly new and clean. Medical and Rescue crews were present, luckily their intervention was not required. A large refreshment and food stall with reasonable prices was available with separate queuing for air crews/air show volunteers and spectators. Other smaller stalls and a children's play area were set up around Park 4. The two Official Airshow Merchandise shops were kept busy on both days with the glossy 76 page Malta International Airshow 2014Souvenir Program selling fast at €3. Unfortunately the new ordered merchandise did not arrive in time for the airshow.
The Armed Forces of Malta Air Wing and the Italian Military mission were as usual present with their own stands selling Army memorabilia and showing their various aircrafts to the public. The Armed Forces of Malta participated in the flying display with a spectacular duo display by their fixed wing King Air and the Augusta AW139 helicopter. The Italian Military Mission participated in a SAR simulation with their AB212 helicopter. The four main local flying schools were kept busy with young students and their parents enquiring about the various pilot, cabin crew and other courses being offered whilst seeing their aircraft displayed. Despite no "renowned" major aerobatic teams, the organizers managed to secure the participation of the Swiss and Polish Air Forces aerobatic teams and both did not delude the public present with spectacular displays and formations never seen before. The Egypt Air Force K8 and its Support aircraft – the Hercules C-130H returned for the static display on both days and their participation was a great hit once again. The Royal Canadian Air Force returned to the Malta Airshow after a lapse of 17 years with their CP-140 Aurora. Other notable flying display participants were the Italian Military Augusta AW149 helicopter and the Hellenic Air Force T-6A Texan II Daedalus aerobatic solo aircraft. The British Army participated with The Tigers Parachute Display Team being dropped off from the Armed Forces of Malta Islander aircraft. The Royal Navy Black Cats display team also awed the public present with their two Wild Cats helicopter display.
Undoubtedly, the Belgian Air Force F16-AM solo display was the highlight of the flying display with low passes and noise adding to the thrill so as to delight of the public present.
The organizing committee and volunteers were happy with the outcome of this year's airshow and said that work has already commenced for the 2016 Airshow which is being held on the 24th and 25th September 2016.
Performers included:

Armed Forces of Malta Alouette 316B helicopter - reg no AS9211(Saturday only)

Armed Forces of Malta BN-2T ISLANDER – reg AS9819

Armed Forces of Malta King Air B200 reg no - AS1226

Armed Forces of Malta Augusta AWB139 helicopter - reg no AS1428

Italian Military Mission helicopter Augusta Bell 212 helicopter - reg no MM81162

Swiss Air Force Aerobatic Team PC-7

Polish Air Force Orlik Aerobatic Team PZL-130 Orlik

Italian Air Force AWB149 helicopter - reg no CSX81890

Hellenic Air Force T-6A Texan II Daedalus aerobatic – reg no 023

British Army - The Tigers Parachute Display Team

Royal Navy Black Cats Display Team - Wildcat HM.1 – reg nos ZZ380 & ZZ396

Belgian Air Force F16-AM - reg FA-123

Static display included:

Armed Forces of Malta Alouette 316B helicopter - reg no AS9212

NATO E-3A Component E-3A AWACS – reg no LX-N90444

Italian Military Mission helicopter Augusta Bell 212 - reg no MM81212

Egypt Air Force Hercules C130H - reg no SU-BKT 1294

Egypt Air Force Hercules K-8E Karakorum - reg no 6332

Hellenic Air Force T-6A Texan II Daedalus aerobatic – reg no 038

Hellenic Air Force Mirage 2000 – reg nos 551& 552

Romanian Air Force C-27J Spartan – reg no 2707

Italian Air Force P-180AM – reg no MM61261

Polish Air Force C-295M – reg no 025

Belgian Air Force C130H reg no CH-07

Belgian Air Force F16-AM reg FA-136

Royal Canadian Air Force CP-140 Aurora reg 140105

Polish Navy AN-28TD Bryzia 1 reg 1118

RAF Eurofighter Typhoons FGR4 reg nos ZA462/027

RAF King Air B200 reg no ZK459

Royal Navy Avenger T1 – reg no ZZ501

Royal Navy Merlin HM2 – reg no ZH857

United States of America Air Force C-130J-30 Super Hercules – reg no RS43142

United States of America P-3C Orion – reg no 003

Gulf Helicopters AW189 – reg no A7-GAB

Sky People Aviation Training

Diamond Aviation

European Pilot Academy

Malta School of Flying Various other aircraft from the Island Microlight Club

Report and photography by Ray Biagio Pace with additional images by Christopher Mifsud for

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