2015 Event Review

Dittingen International Air Show, August 22-23, 2015
Location: Dittingen (Canton de Bâle-Campagne) Switzerland Aerodrome Dittingen (LSPD
Admission: 30 Euros    
Parking: 5 Euros and 25 Euros with camping.
Value: Excellent
Rating out of 10: 8.5
MCAS Yuma base commander
We were in Switzerland, at the very scenic town of Dittingen, where an air show was scheduled for August 22-23. The Airfield of Dittingen is on a little hill above Dittingen around 20km south of Basel. It is based in the "Dreiländerck" of France, Germany and Switzerland. The airfield is grass covered and usually used for gliders however, every second year an air show has been held here for past 60 years
The organizers of the event were very friendly and helpful to all the aviation enthusiasts. Parking was just behind the event, and there the catering delighted the public and especially the photographers. The loud speakers were placed 2m above ground and placed behind the public, not interfering with the sightline, and were comfortable to listen too, unlike at many events!

The program on paper looked good, but there where additional suprises. The air show started at noon, and was scheduled to last until the evening, with hot air balloons and gliders with flares having a lightshow.

All aircarft with the exception of jet powered ones took off from the grass filed. The F-18 flew in from Payerne AB, and the rest from Lausanne ans Basel air port.

The weather was excellent on Saturday, but on Sunday it degenerated somewhat and at the start of the air show there was a tragic and fatal mid-air collision of The Grass Hoppers Team. As a direct result of this accident the show organizers decided to cancel Sunday's event.
Our heartfelt condolences to all who were effected: families, teammates, organizers and friends.
Performers included:

The Breitling Wingwalkers (2) Boeing Stearman Model 75 PT17
F/A-18 Hornet Solo Display
Classic formation DC3 + 2x Beech 18
DC3 Breitling
(2) Dewoitine D26
(2) Red Bull Blanix Gliders
The Grass Hoppers (ULM)
C – 3603
Fairchild Dornier 328 – 110
Yak 52
Bronco OV10
Red Bull Edge 540
Hawker Hurricane
T – 28 Fennec
Para Gliding Gleitschirm Akro
TBM 3E Avenger
Antonov AN2

Report and photography by Patrice Olivier for

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