TIGER MEET 2014, June 16 to June 27, 2014

Location: Airbase Schleswig-Jagel, Germany
Host Unit:51 Immelmann
Admission: Closed to the general public, credentialed media only and two spotter days
Parking: N/A
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NATO Tiger Meet 2014 was held from June 16 th -27 th June at Schleswig-Jagel airbase in northern Germany, about 100km north of Hamburg. This year’s meet included all types of air-to-air and air-to-ground and a wide variety of support missions, comprising CSAR and large COMAOs (Composite Air Operations).
For the second time since 2004, the Tactical Air Force Squadron (TaktLwG) 51 „Immelmann“ was the host squadron for Europe’s largest air exercise. More than 70 aircraft and helicopters from 18 squadrons and from 11 nations were involved in this year’s exercise.
The training area covered an airspace 300km by 300km, from the Dutch North Sea coast in the North West of Amsterdam to the German North Sea bay shore lines all the way to the Danish airspace. The large scale international air exercises helps to standardize the operational procedures. to improve the interactions of armed forces and minimize any potential friction points. Air operations that cover an area of 900 square kilometers need perfect planning. The Planning Staff and the team from TaktLw 51 “I” were praised for their fantastic work in the “White Cell” (Planning Cell) as they ensured the safety of all the participants involved. All participants were briefed thoroughly about the local regulations before the aircraft were launched twice a day to fulfill their different tasks in joint missions.
Participant countries and aircraft.
4 x Tornado, TaktLwG 51 “Immelmann”, Jagel
6 x Eurofighter, TaktLwG 74, Neuburg
1 x EC 665 Tiger, Kampfhubschrauberregiment 36 „Kurhessen“, Fritzlar
5 x F-18, Fliegerstaffel 11, Meiringen
5 x F-16, 313 Sq., Volkel
5 x F-16, 31 Sq., Kleine Brogel

Czech Republic
4 x JAS39 C/D, 211 Sq., Caslav
2 x Mi-24V, 231 Sq., Namest nad Oslavou
1x Mi-171s , 231 Sq., Namest nad Oslavou

3 x Rafale M, 11. Fotille, Landiviseau
3 x Rafale, EC 01/007, Saint Dizier
2 x Mirage 2000-5, EC 05/330, Mont de Marsan

5 x JAS 39 Gripen, 59/1 Sq., Kecskemét,

5 x F-16, 6.ELT, Poznan-Krzesiny
5 x F-16, 192 Filo, Balikesir
1 x Merlin HM2, 814 Sq., NAS Culdrose

3 xSaab J105 OE, Düsentrainerstaffel, Linz-Hörsching

1 x E3A Sentry, operating from Orland, Norway
At the beginning of the exercise, the 6th Fighter Squadron from Poznan-Krzesiny, Poland and the 59/1 Puma Squadron from Kecskemét,, Hungary were added as full members of the NATO Tiger Association. The Taktische Luftwaffengeschwader (TaktLwG) 74 from Neuburg, Germany with the Eurofighters was accepted as provisional member to the NTA. Besides to the host squadron the “Bavarian Tigers” are the second German Tiger Squadron. Currently there are 23 squadrons from 16 nations in the NTA Association.
We would like to congratulate "STAFFEL 11" from Switzerland for winning the Silver Tiger 2014. The Bavarian Tigers, TaktLwG 74, Neuburg, won the award for the Best Paint scheme, for their Eurofighter Typhoon in complete Tiger livery.
The NATO Tiger Squadrons will reconvene next year in May at Konya AB, where NTM’15 will be hosted by 192 Filo of the Turkish Air Force.
ASR Media would like to thank the the Press Office from the (TaktLwG) 51 “Immelmann” , for all of their support and hospitality during our visit, in particular Oberstabsgefreiter Rober Stock for his friendly assistance.
Rating: Not an air show

Report and photography by Peter Thivessen and Wolfgang Jarisch for
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