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2010 Air Force Exercise
Location: Volkel Airbase, Netherlands
Admission: No public days limited Spotters tickets € 20
Parking: Bus shuttle from a outside parking place to the airbase
Value: Excellent
F-16AM of the RNLAF
The NATO Tiger Meet (NTM) is not an air show, but a joint gathering of Tiger squadrons for a joint exercise. As such we will not have a formal report, just a quick synopsis of the event. The Tiger Meet was held from Monday Oct. 4 to Friday Oct 15 this year.
There were some cutbacks this year due to the poor economic situation, as many as four squadrons could not participate due budget cutbacks, and three others had to stay away due to various other operational commitments. Nevertheless the flight lines at Volkel AB were still filled with over 50 aircraft, including F-16’s, Mirage 2000, JAS-39’s, Tornado and Saab 105’s, and not to forget the Hind and AB212 helicopters. The EWACs from 1sqn NATO AEWCF flew from its Main Operating Base Geilenkirchen, and an Ohio ANG KC-135 tanker flew exclusively for the Tiger Meet from Eindhoven AB.
On Monday October 4th 2010 the NTM 2010 participants arrived at Volkel AB, which hosted the NTM for the first time. On Tuesday, October 5th the NATO Tigers took to the sky for their first NTM 2010 missions. The morning missions provided the pilots with familiarization of the training area, and some smaller scale training. While in the afternoon the first large COMAO exercise was flown.
Over the 8 flying days 715 missions where planned, and 644 were actually flown. Impressive numbers no matter how you look at it.
Tiger Meet Participants 2010
Aircraft Type
31 Sqn Belgium/BAF F-16AM/BM
EC01.012 France/FAF Mirage 2000C/B
ECE 05.330 France/FAF Mirage 2000D
221 Sqn Czech/CzAF Mi-24V Hind
AG 51 Germany/GAF Tornado IDS
211 Sqn Czech/CzAF JAS-39C/D Gripen
21 Gruppo Italy/ItAF AB-212ICO
313 Sqn Netherlands/RNLAF F-16AM/BM
338 Sqn Norway/NoAF F-16AM/BM
59/1 sqn Hungary/HuAF JAS-39C/D Gripen
JTS Austria/AusAF Saab OE105
1 sqn USA/USAF E-3A Sentry
321 Sqn Germany/GAF Tornado ECR
192 Sqn Turkey/TuAF F-16C/D
ALA15 Spain/SAF EF/A-18
SILVER TIGER 2010: 211 Squadron - Czech Republic
BEST FLYING: 338 Skv - Norway
BEST PAINTED JET: 192 Filo - Turkey
BEST TIGER DRESS: 21° Gruppo - Italy
TIGER GAMES: 221 Squadron - Czech Republic

The next Tiger Meet will be in France at Cambrai BA103 AFB.
SAAB OE105 from Austria
Turkish F-16D
A German Tornado
Belgian F-16AM
Review co-written by Laszlo Nyary and Peter Thivessen with photography as noted.
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