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2010 Air Shows

NATO Days, Ostrava, Czech Republic

Location: Ostrava , of the Czech Republic
Admission: FREE
Parking: For 4 € in Mosnov, with bus shuttles, 0.50 €, each way
Value: Very Good
Map of the show grounds
The 10th NATO-Days were held on September 18th to 19th in Ostrava, NE part of the Czech Republic, just SW of the Polish border. You could not beat the price: admission was free to the public, without the hassle of security checks associated with most air shows. The air show started about 11 clock, with a solo display from Mil-Mi 24, followed by a group fly-by from Czech Air Force (3 x Mil-Mi 24, 3 x L-39, 6 x L-159, 3 x Saab Gripen, 1 x Antonov 26).

The weather was perfect for the event bright and sunny. Photography was a challenge, as the sun was always in front of you along the flight line. The event was very good, and well organized. The food/beverage vendors were sufficient, and one could buy freshly roasted pork! Sanitation facilities available to the public were scarce and need improvement.

This was not your typical air show event; it was more of a military display or orientation for families to get acquainted with NATO members and their equipment both on the air and ground. There were many different Tanks, Armoured vehicles, and Emergency vehicles, as well as presentations from the police, border guard, rescue service of the Czech Republic, Czech Customs Administration, Czech and Polish counter terrorist units, etc. The only non-NATO-Member, Austria, had one static display an Sikorsky S-70 Blackhawk.

Some of demonstrations were:

  • The driving characteristics of LOV, Dingo and Iveco
  • Presentation of LEOPARD I from the Military History Institute
  • Protection of escorted person
  • Arrestment of an intruder
  • Assault of mechanized brigade
  • Demonstration of driving characteristics of T-42M4CZ, Pandur II and Kajman

The in the air schedule was interspersed with, and/or sometimes simultaneous with, ground demonstrations, thus the air display was limited to small flying programs.

The static display was good for families and children; they could walk up to and/or sit in many of the displayed aircraft or helicopters. A great experience for the ‘next generation’ but again, with crowds, it limited in our photography of static displays. The highlight part of the display was a B-52H, with no security. One could walk under its wings and its bomb bay doors were open. Everyone was grateful to the USAF for this great opportunity.
Aircraft and helicopters on static display were:
Czech Air Force: Mil-Mi 2; Mil-Mi 17, Mil-Mi 24(35), Airbus 319 CJ, Saab JAS-39C Gripen, Yak 40K, Antonov 26 (in special paint scheme ; 10 years service in NATO), a brand new CASA C-295M, Let L-410T Turbolet, Aero L-39ZA Albatros.

Polish Air Force: MiG-29GT, Sukhoi Su-22UM-3K, CASA C-295M,

United States Air Force: Boeing B-52H Stratofrotress from AFRC and two F-15's from Leakenheath.
Royal Air Force: Boeing E-3D, Vickery VC-10, Tornado GR4.
Romanian Air Force: Antonov 26,
Royal Netherlands Air Force: Two (2) F-16

Hungarian Air Force: Antonov 26, Saab JAS-39C Gripen.

French Air Force: Mirage 2000D,

Austrian Air Force: Sikorsky S-70 Blackhawk
This was the last event, outside of the UK, that you could see the Tornado F3 from the Royal Air Force in formation with a Hawker Hurricane Mk1. On Sunday there was a formation with Hurricane together with the Slovak Mig 29 and the Czech Saab Gripen. After some fly-by’s, the Gripen left the formation, and they flew together with the Tornado F3. Very nice!!!
Other solo displays from the Czech Air Force included the Aero L-39 Albatros, Airdrop from Antonov 26, Saab JAS-39C Gripen, PZL W3A Sokol in a rescue demo and with the Bambi Bucket, and an L-159 Alca. The end of the day was an airdrop of specialists from the rescue parachute service, going out from Mil Mi 171. The Czech Air Force also flew two Mil- Mi 24, as well as, a very nice display was performed of the intercept of an airliner with two Gripen. Hitec, the pilot from The Royal Netherlands Air Force, roared his F-16 in the sky over Ostrava. The Romanian Air Force flew the IAR 99, which is really a rare aircraft, especially in a flying program. The solo displays from the Slovak Air Force MiG-29AS and the Harrier made the day perfect.
It was a great event to attend, and we look forward to the next one.
Rating: 9.0 out of 10
Great food!
Howitzer demo
Airline intercept
Tornado GR3 with Hurricane Mk I
Review and photography by Wolfgang Jarisch for AIRSHOWSREVIEW LLC.
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