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2011 Air Force Exercise
Location: Cambrai BA103 AFB, France
Admission: No public days limited Spotters tickets € 30 for one day
Parking: N/A
Value: Excellent
NTM 2011 logo
The NATO Tiger Meet (NTM) is not an air show, but a joint gathering of Tiger squadrons for a joint exercise. As such we will not have a formal report, just a summary.
This year was the 50th anniversary of the NATO Tigers. The first NATO Tiger Meet was held in July 19-20, 1961 in Woodbridge, UK. Participating units were the USAF 79TFS, based at RAF Woodbridge with F-100, the 74(F) SQN from RAF Leuchars with Lightning F Mk1, and the EC 1/12 FAF from Cambrai with Super Mystère B2. This small gathering was the beginning of the now world famous NATO Tigers. If you’re interested about the history of the NATO Tigers, you will find all information in the incredibly illustrated limited anniversary book “NATO Tigers Fifty Years”, from the NATO Tigers association.
NATO Tiger meet 2011, was to be the biggest tiger meet ever. Unfortunately, due to the political situation in Libya, there were several cancellations. We missed the Hungarian HuAF 59/1 Puma Sqn 2 x JAS-39C Gripen, from France the FAF EC 05/330 3 x Rafale B/C, from Belgium the BAF 31 Smd 5 x F-16 MLU, from the Netherlands the RNLAF 313 Sqn 5 x F-16 MLU, from Norway the NoAF 338 Sqn 5 x F-16 MLU and at last from the United Kingdom the RAF 230 Sqn 2x Puma. In total we missed these 22 aircrafts very much from this year’s spectacle of Tigers.
Nevertheless, the Tiger Meet went on to celebrate the 50th anniversary with many special painted aircrafts on the base. At the start of the Meet the promotion of 335 Mira of the Greek AF, to FULL Membership status made news.
The Tiger Meet 2011, was extremely well organized, with one media day and three spotter days with excellent locations for the photographers.
The next NATO Tiger Meet will be in 2012 in Portugal, at Monte Real hosted by the Esquadra 301 from 28/05/2012 to 08/06/2012. We will be there!
Tiger Meet Participants 2011
Aircraft Type
EC01.012 France Mirage 2000C/B
ECE 05.330 France Mirage 2000RDI
221 Sqn Czech Republic Mi-24V Hind
AG 51 Germany Tornado IDS
211 Sqn Czech Republic JAS-39C/D Gripen
21 Gruppo Italy AB-212ICO
1JTS Austria Saab OE105
321 Sqn Germany Tornado ECR
192 Sqn Turkey F-16C/D
335 Mira Greece F-16C/D Block 52+
6 Sqn Poland F-16C/D Block 52+
11 Staffel Switzerland F-18C Hornet
301 Sqn Portugal F-16A/B MLU
59/1 Sqn
31 Sqn
142 Sqn
Mirage F-1
1 Sqn Slovakia MiG-29
ALA15 Spain EF/A-18 Hornet
814 Sqn
SILVER TIGER 2011: Esquadra 301- Portugal
BEST FLYING: Esquadra 301- Portugal
BEST TIGER Uniform ECE 05.330 - France
BEST TIGER SKIT: Esquadra 301- Portugal
TIGER GAMES: Fliegerstaffel 11 - Switzerland

German Tornado with Tiger markings
Czech AF Mil MI-35
Belgian F-16AN
French Mirage 2000 with Tiger Logo underside of the wing
Review co-written by Laszlo Nyary and Wolfgang Jarisch with photography as noted.
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