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2013 Air Shows
Geneseo – Greatest Show On Turf, July 12-14,2013
Location:Geneseo Airport, NY
Admission: Adult $17 in advance, $20 at gate Children 12 and under free
Parking: Free on site
Value: Excellent
The 2013 Geneseo Air Show presented by the 1941 Historical Aircraft Group at the National Warplane Museum was a great event with lots of flying in the air and ground events to keep everyone who attended with more than enough to keep them busy throughout the day and into the evening.
Note the name change to the 1941 Historical Aircraft Group in Geneseo, NY, they re-acquired the name of the National Warplane Museum. As Western New York's only hands-on warplane museum that operates with an active runway, and the longest active grass runway in the U.S. Achieving national status will elevate the awareness of the National Warplane Museum's mission to refurbish, preserve and fly vintage military aircraft, educate the public on the history of these artifacts and draw visitors to our region. Attending the air show at Geneseo is like stepping back in time!
The daily air show featured a nice variety of WW II fighters, bombers, trainers, cargo and other planes of that era to keep your eyes toward the sky along with flying by Rob Holland and Manfred Radius in his sailplane. Also a nice variety of Stearmans, L-Birds (liaison aircraft) and monoplanes also made for some nice flying over the skies of Geneseo.
The main attraction at this year's show was to be the de Havilland Mosquito, however, the ownership of the Mosquito changed hands recently and it not came about. That left the Avro Lancaster to be main star on the the turf at Geneseo. The Lancaster flybys along with the formation flying with the Spitfire and Hurricane was almost like being in England during WW II. It was an amazing flight to see and hear the six Merlin engines flying overhead during their passes together!
On the ground one could find military reenactors, an antique car show, air show vendors and a lot of planes on the static display both old and new. The air show also had a Friday evening Chicken Dinner and Saturday evening Steak Dinner and a great five dollar breakfast on both days. And don’t forget the Hanger Dance in the evening after the show.
Geneseo is one of the best places to take photos of aircraft in the air and as they take off and land! A lens with a focal length of 300mm will work very nicely. Other great thing about this show is the way this show is set up. It is a laid back atmosphere with lots of room to move around and the planes are so close you can almost touch them it seems. It is easy to drive in and out of, no security lines and a really friendly staff working the show lines.
The 2013 show was once again the “Greatest Show on Turf” with great flying and ground activities for all.
Participants were:
  • Avro Lancaster MK X,
  • Supermarine Spitfire
  • Hawker Hurricane
  • C-46 Commando
  • TBM-3U Avenger
  • P-51D Mustang "Quick Silver"
  • P-51D Mustang "Never Miss" 
  • Manfred Radius Sailplane Act
  • Rob Holland Ultimate Airshows
  • Aichi D3A VAL
  • (2) B25-Mitchell's
  • P-40 Warhawk
  • FG-1D Corsair
  • and may more flying and on static...
Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photography and report by Joe Osciak from ASR MEDIA LLC
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