2013 Air Shows
Frisian Flag 2013
Location: Leeuwarden Air Base, The Netherlands
Admission: N/A for media only
Parking: N/A
In April 2013, Leeuwarden Air Base was once again hosting the international exercise “Frisian Flag”. For two weeks, aircraft from various countries had practising their skills at air defence missions as well as air strikes against ground targets. Frisian Flag 2013 is heavily focused on international cooperation. Apart from the airforces from the various participating nations, this was an exercise in cooperation between the various tactical air commands and tactical air control agencies.
The organisation of Frisian Flag is the responsibility of the 323 Sqn TACTES (Tactical Training, Evaluation and Standardisation) at Leeuwarden Air Base.
About 55 aircraft were at the flight line of Leeuwarden Air Base, with sorties being flown twice a day with approximately 40 aircraft. Participants were Dutch F-16MLU from the two Air Bases of Leeuwarden and Volkel, Belgian F-16MLU, German EF-2000, F-16C 52 from Poland, JAS-39C Gripen from Sweden, Mirage F1CR and Mirage 2000C from France. Dutch KDC-10s and GAF A 310 MRTT were taking part as tanker aircraft and AWACS units from the NATO as flying radar platforms.
The missions were flown during Frisian Flag 2013 have included air defence missions, offensive missions, missions to protect other aircraft(air transport, AWACS or other aircraftthat do not have self-protection equipment) and the elimination of static and dynamic targets on the ground or at sea.
The name “Frisian Flag” was chosen as a reference to various other international exercises of a similar nature, which all featured the word “Flag” in their name, such as “Red Flag”(in the USA) and “Maple Flag” (in Canada). “Red Flag” refers to the red flag that is hoisted as an exercise range whenever any service unit is activ within that area. In the name “Frisian Flag” reference is made to the province of Friesland, the home of the hosting air base.
The Magazine would like to thank Mrs. Marleen Nauta, Press-and Informationofficer and all the crew from Airbase Leeuwarden for their generous cooperation, hospitality and friendliness.
  • 8 F-16 MLU, RNLAF, 322 and 323 Sqn, Leeuwarden AB
  • 4 F-16 MLU, RNLAF, 312 and 313 Sqn, Volkel AB
  • 4 Eurofighter, GAF, JaBo 31, Nörvenich AB
  • 4 F1CR, FAF, ER 02.033, Mont-de-Marsan AB
  • 4 Mirage 2000 C, FAF, EC 02.005, Orange AB
  • 4 F-16C, PAF, 31 BLT, Poznan AB
  • 6 JAS-39, SwAF, F21, Lulea AB
  • 6 F-16 MLU, BAF, 349 Sqn, Kleine Brogel AB
  • 1 C-130, RNLAF, 336 SQn, Eindhoven AB

Support aircraft:

  • NATO AWACS E-3A, NAB Geilenkirchen
  • Skyline Learjet 135
  • RNoAF DA-20, 717 Sqn, Rygge AB
  • RNLAF KDC-10, 334 Sqn, Eindhoven AB
  • USAFE KC-135, 100th Air refueling Sqn, RAF Mildenhall
  • GAF A310 MRTT, FBS BMVg, Köln-Bonn
Rating: Not an air show

Report and photography by Peter Thivessen and Wolgang Jarisch for ASR Media LLC
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