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2011 Air Shows


Location: Downsview Park,Toronto, at the Canadian Air and Space Museum
Admission: Adult $17
Parking: Free
Value: Good
Old relics from the past!

This was our third visit to the Wings & Wheels Heritage Festival in Downsview (Toronto). The event is held jointly on the grounds of the Downsview Park and Toronto Aero Space Museum aka The Canadian Air & Space Museum.

This year the event was hampered by inclement weather during the weekend. Rain, and chilly temperatures to dark clouds to a bit sun shine, now and then. On Friday it rained early on the morning for media day, with grey overcast skies it was difficult to take good images. The weather also forced some cancellations or late arrivals of some of the aircraft.
The event is quite small in scale, but all the museum staff and volunteers are friendly and helpful.The event is not truly an air show, per say, as there are no in the air displays over the runway, it is more of a fly-in and park the aircraft for static display.
The highlight of the event was the F-86 Golden Hawk, flown in by Dan Dempsey from Vintage Wings of Canada, and the Canadian Forces CF-188B Hornet, better known as CF-18B. Not to be confused with the CF-18A, which is a one seater. The aircraft came from the 425 Tactical Fighter Squadron, CFB Bagotville, Quebec. This is the only place in Greater Toronto Area, (GTA) to see the CF-18 up close.
There were several older cars from 1950's to 1970's on display, both inside the hangar as well outside the parking lot. It was quite noticeable this year that there were less aircraft and vehicles on display. Perhaps due to the weather?
Over all Wings & Wheels is a good value and a must see for any aviation enthusiast in the Greater Toronto Area, just do not expect to see any aircraft performing in the air. Not counting the pay for a ride in the Harvard.
Some of the participants on static display were:
  • CF-18 Hornet
  • CH-146 Griffon
  • F-86 Sabre "Golden Hawk"
  • Harvard trainer
  • Snowbird Tutor jet
  • Avro Arrow (full size replica)
  • de Haviland Grumman CP-121 Tracker
  • MD 520 Helicopter
  • Bell 222B Helicopter
  • BobardierGlobal Express XRS
  • with several small civilian fly-ins.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10

Sept 20, 2011 update! The Museum is now closed due to Landlord issues. What a SHAME!!!

Dan Dempsey and the F-86 Sabre
CF-188B aka CF-18B
Hello from Bagotville!
1969 Dodge Charger muscle cars!
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