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2011 Air Shows
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Rocky Mountain Air Show August 26-28, 2011

Location: Rocky Mountain Metro Airport in Broomfield, CO.
Admission: Children 5 & under – Free, Youth Age 6-13 – $15.00, Adult Age 14 – 64 – $22.00
Seniors & Military (with ID) – $17.00 Chalet and upgrades were available.
Parking: FREE
Value: Good
The Rocky Mountain Air show was held at the Rocky Mountain Metro Airport in Broomfield, CO., August 26-28 this year. With attendance over 100,000+ for the 3 days, all who watched were in near 100 degree record breaking temperatures each day. You could see the heat ‘bouncing’ off the tarmac, as hydration for both performers, announcers and attendees was essential. Attendees brought lawn chairs, umbrellas, backpacks with water and snacks, or could pay additional fees for the Flight Line Chalet.
We didn’t see the show on Friday, but were told by other attendees that watching the planes flying toward the Flat Irons/The Rocky Mountains during sunset was spectacular. Also, a World War II USO Bash was held with Jim Cimiluca, President of the RMA, welcoming everyone to this year’s event.
Saturday began with Walt Green descending to the National Anthem with an American Flag Parachute Jump. Circling him as he dropped to ‘air show center’ were 7 of the 12 Red Stars, Precision Formation Team. Also flying Saturday and/or Sunday, Don Nelson with his Sukhoi 26, and Gary Rower in his Stearman. Jim Terry in the C-47, Todd McLaughlin in a T-28, and Dan Buchanan gave the audience a High-performance hang glider demonstration, and Neal Darnell thrilled the crowds with his Flash Fire Jet Truck. Bill Lowe did a great job announcing the participants at this year’s event.
The major performances were from the CAF, presenting Tora!-Tora!-Tora!, a re-creation of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The Zeros, Kates and Vals flying in formation, re-creating the attack, along with pyrotechnics to simulate bombs and torpedos, accompanied by recordings of Roosevelt, made the atmosphere that much more ‘realistic’ to the crowds. The Zeros, Kates and Vals flew in multiple ‘patterns,’ some with mock bombs and/or torpedos attached between their wheels. The site was incredible to watch and listen to.
Three incredible passes were made on Saturday only by the USAF 509th BW B-2 Spirit, Stealth Bomber, that was eerily quiet as it flew overhead. The pilot spoke to the crowd as it did its manoeuvres before flying to its next airshow that day.
The precision flying and execution by Capt. Garrett “Mace” Dover of the USAF – Viper West F-16 Team and the USN – F/A -18C Hornet flight demonstration were certain crowd pleasers as well. Great Job, and we thank you.
The static display consisted of a T-6, T-28, T-33, P51, Jet Provost and Jack Wilhite’s MiG-17. The Rocky Mountain Airshow had an Adventure Zone again for children and teens with a variety of hands-on projects, educational programs and a chance for personal interactions with aerospace professionals. The airshow improved its location of vendors, adding more sanitary facilities, keeping lines to a minimum. There was ample, free parking with shuttle services to the main gates.
Some of the participants were:
  • B-2 Stealth Bomber
  • F-16 Viper West Demo Team
  • USN F/A-18C Hornet Demo Team
  • CAF Tora! Tora! Tora!
  • P-47D Thunderbolt
  • B-25J "In the mood"
  • Red Stars
  • Don Nelson with his Sukhoi 26
  • and too many others to list.
Rating: 7.5 out of 10
F-16 Viper West Demo Team
B-25 Noseart

Photography and report by E deVries for AIRSHOWSREVIEW LLC

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