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2011 Air Shows
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Lancaster Airport Community Days Airshow, August 20-21, 2011
Admission: FREE
Parking: $5 donation
Value: Excellent
Kendal Simpson- Acronut Aerosports
The Community Day Airshow held at the Lancaster Airport in Lititz is a hidden gem in airshow events under the direction of David Schultz Airshows! Lots of flying close to the field, parking close to the gates and really cheap food prices compared to the big shows. There was a nice variety of flying acts from the early training planes to the modern day UASF A-10A Thunderbolt II filling the skies over the airport.

Aerial demonstrations were flown by Kevin Russo in his SNJ, Jerry Wells in a Bucker Jungmeister, Jerry “Jive” Kirby in a USN T-28, Kendal Simpson in a Pitts and a Bell 47 helicopter demo from the Dutch Country Helicopters. The demo the crowd was most looking forward to see fly was the Lancaster based “Heavy Metal Jet Team” flying five L-39’s and one MIG-17 flying a performance that was on par of the major military jet teams.

Nice laid back event with plenty to see and do before and after the flying, as long as you didn't had to use the sanitation facilities. There were not enough, causing long line ups, and this should be rectified for future events. Helicopter helicopter rides were available to give you a view from above of the show and of Lancaster County. For anyone who hates the large shows at major military bases this is the show for you.
Aircraft/Performers Presented:
  • USAF A-10 East Coast Demonstration Team
  • Heavy Metal Jet Team
  • Kevin Russo – SNJ Aerobatics
  • Jerry Wells – Bucker Jungmeister
  • Kendal Simpson- Acronut Aerosports
  • Jerry “Jive” Kirby- USN T-28
  • Dutch Country Helicopters
  • L-Bird Flight
  • PT Flight
  • SNJ/T-6 Flight
Rating: 9.0 out of 10
Jerry 'Jive'  Kirby- USN T-28
Heavy Metal Jet Team
Photography and report byJoe Osciak for AIRSHOWSREVIEW LLC
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