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2010 Air Shows


Location: Downsview Park,Toronto, at the Canadian Air and Space Museum
Admission: Adult $15, Weekend pass $25
Parking: Free
Value: Excellent
The Avro Arrow replica

This is our second visit to the Wings & Wheels Heritage Festival in Downsview (Toronto). The event is held jointly on the grounds of the Downsview Park and Toronto Aero Space Museum aka The Canadian Air & Space Museum. What we stated last year pretty well applies for this year too. Although there were less interesting fly-ins this year than in 2009.

The Museum is the home of the Avro Arrow full scale replica. For this year it was pushed out from the museum's hangar, thus giving the Arrow exposure to the attendees, and better photo taking opportunities. However, the Arrow should have been pushed out on Saturday before the event started and not during. It was almost impossible to take a good photo of it, due to "rivet counters" who stood under it for no apparent reason than being in someone else's photograph! This was corrected for the Sunday's event.
The event is quite small in scale, but all the museum staff and volunteers are friendly and helpful. This year however it was not as well organized as last year especially from the "media" point of view. The media day was on Thursday at 9:00 am, this I only found out on Friday. A bit too late.
As usual, the Canadian Forces sent in one of their CF-18 Hornet, on the way home from Maple Flag, exercise from CFB Cold Lake, Alberta to CFB Bagotville, Quebec. This is the only place in Greater Toronto Area, (GTA) to see the CF-18 up close. During the CNE air show, the visiting C-18 is parked at the Pearson International Airport, and due to security reasons are not on display to the public. There was also a Harvard II advanced trainer on display inside one of the Hangers that flew in on Friday morning. Viper North with their MiG 15UTi, 2 seat trainer, and an Aero L-29 Delphin, 2 seat trainer also flew in for the event.
There were several older cars from 1950's to 1970's on display, both inside the hanger as well outside the parking lot. One of the highlights of the inside display was the Silver Dart replica that flew during the last year's celebration of 100th years of Flight in Canada.
Over all Wings & Wheels is a good value and a must see for any aviation enthusiast in the Greater Toronto Area.

.Some of the participants were:

  • CF-18 Hornet
  • MiG 15 UTi
  • L-19 Delphin
  • Harvard trainer
  • Harvard II advanced trainer
  • with several small civilian fly-ins.
Rating: 8.0 out of 10
Silver Dart replica
1970 Plymouth Roadrunner
CF-18 up lose and personal!
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