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2010 Air Shows

Rhode Island National Guard Open House June 26, 27

Location: Air National Guard Base, Quonset, Rhode Island
Admission: FREE
Parking: A $10 donation (optional)
Value: Excellent

This remains one of the most “user friendly” shows on the circuit. All staff are courteous and helpful.

A significant problem was that they situated a loudspeaker right in the center of the media pit frontage which not only interfered with the photography, but assaulted the ears. The weak economy seems to be taking its toll as I believe the static display contained fewer units than last year. This impression was verified by a couple other photographers. As to flight demos, these too were reduced. Only five military aircraft gave flight demos although most went up twice on the day: A-10 East Demo, C-130, L-39, FA-18, Blackhawk helicopters.
The USAF Thunderbirds did their usual excellent job. The  P-51 “Bald Eagle” did a fly by. An excellent Combined Arms demo with pyrotechnics stirred the crowd. Other acts were the Black Daggers and the Red Bull Air Force. Aerobatics were provided by Mike Goulian, John Klatt, Kevin Coleman and Sean Tucker. Chuck Aaron provided a skillful demo in his Red Bull helicopter.

The show provides an excellent outing for the family as there are many amusements on the site to keep the young ones entertained. Food service was plentiful and not overly expensive. Sanitation facilities were plentiful, clean and well dispersed. The weather was hot and humid.


Aircraft/Performers Presented:

  • Thunderbirds
  • FA-18 Demo Team
  • A-10 East Demo Team
  • Black Daggers U.S. Army Special Operations Command Parachute Team
  • P-51D Bald Eagle
  • Red Bull helicopter
  • John Klatt
  • Mike Goulian
  • Sean Tucker
  • and many others.
Rating: 8.0 out of 10
Report and photography by Joe Osciak
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