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2010 Air Shows

Waterloo Aviation Expo and Air Show

Location: Waterloo International Airport
Admission: $18 adults, $10 children over 6 at the gate. Online pricing discounted. VIP package $75.00 with food and non-alcholic beverages.
Parking: Free on the airport and nearby grounds with free shuttle buses.
Value: Very Good
The air-box corridor for the air show provided excellent viewing and photographic opportunities with a lens 300mm and up.
In the town of Waterloo, Ontario, at the Regional Airport the Second Annual Aviation Expo and Air Show was held on the weekend. It was not a large air show. But, with the Snowbirds as the main headliner and Canada’s pride in them, they always bring out a fair amount of spectators, even to these smaller events. As for event itself, it was a good one, and it was worth the admission price.
The organizers were friendly and helpful; therefore, the event has a lot of potential for the future. Unlike many events of this type and size, the food and refreshment vendors did not gouge the spectators. For example, a bottle of water was only $1.50, while at many air shows, it is in the $3.00 range. A slice of pizza was $3.75, again not the usual $5.00 per slice and most importantly, there were adequate sanitation facilities which were well distributed. Limited parking was available on the airport grounds, but the spectators were encouraged to park nearby using the free shuttle bus service provided. Walking shoes were in order, as there was a lot of walking involved to the flight line that was spread out quite far. The hot ramp was open in the mornings for the spectators to look at the performing aircraft up close, which is again at most shows, not something attendees can enjoy due to “security.” Security, a word that is over used a lot these days. There was a large play area for the kids. Some static aircraft were on display too; the most interesting was the Silver Dart replica, as well as a WWI Fokker triplane replica painted in the Red Baron scheme.
Apart from the Snowbirds, the other main attractions included the B-17F Memphis Belle of the movie fame, the Heritage flight of a F-86 Sabre “Hawk One” with a F4U Corsair. And, for the first time in Canada, a flight together of two former enemy aircraft: a MiG15UTI from Viper North of Toronto and the F-86 Sabre of Vintage Wings of Canada. An L-29 of Viper North, also flew during the event. The three ship formation by the Harvard Aircraft Association based out of Tillsonburg flew well and they also provided media rides in the mornings if the media person thought one was “important enough” (she included herself). There were several civilian performers, namely Kent Pietsch with his Jelly Belly Interstate Cadet aircraft that lands on the top of a truck, and Rick Volker with his SU-26 aerobatic plane, and many others.
On Saturday there were veterans marching with flags, and the on both days the air show was started with the Air Cadets sail plane. The Canadian Armed forces were represented by a Sea King helicopter, a Harvard II trainer, and of course, by the Snowbirds.
The highlight of the event, and not taking anything away from the Snowbirds, one can see them perform at several other shows in the Southwestern Ontario region this year, was the F-86 and the Mig15 flyby in close formation. That, was awesome flying by “Fat Daddy” (Sabre pilot) and “Coop” of Viper North (Mig pilot).
In conclusion it was a good show and even the weather cooperated. We would highly recommend for any one who enjoys watching aircraft perform. We rate a solid 8 out of 10 with potential for a higher rating if the event brings in more aircraft to perform and for display.

Some of the participants were:

  • Snowbirds
  • Mig-15Uti
  • L-29
  • B-17F Memphis Belle
  • F4U Corsair
  • F-86 Sabre Hawk One
  • Sea King
  • Harvard II
  • Harvard Association
  • Tiger Moths
  • Kent Pietch
  • Rick Volker
  • Air Cadets
Rating: 8 out of 10


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