2017 Event Review

Tactical Weapon Meet June 6-16, 2017

Location: Florennes AB, Belgium
Admission: Not a public event, spottersday June 15th 35€ (32£) per person. 
Parking: N/A
Value: Excellent
Rating out of 10: Not an air show
United States Army Special Forces Black Daggers Parachute Team

TWM patch

The chief of the air base at Florennes, Base Commander Colonel Didier Polome, said: "The occasion to host the Tactical Weapon Meet (TWM) in Florennes is the 100th birthday of the 1.sqn."

The 1.sqn of the Belgian Air Force "Stingers" celebrates in 2017 the 100th anniversary of her symbol, the Thistle, adopted in 1917 during the WW1. The 1.sqn has been created in 1913. For the birthday, one of the F-16 was presented in a special paint scheme with thistles on the tail. The motto of this squadron: "Nemo me impune lascessit" (No one provokes me with impunity), was painted on the black external wing tanks. The 1.sqn is part of the 2nd Tactical Wing.


The TWM was embedded in the 100 year celebration. Objectives of the TWM: Not a flag/course, for junior leaders, flexibility to fit with participants needs.

According to the 1st sqn Commander "BK": "In the first week the participants learn and understand advantages and limitations of coalition assets. The contents of the second week: Joint and combined war type missions with the main content : share lessons acquired and tactics developed during recent coalition operations". 216 people were involved in the exercise. 232 sorties of mission flights were performed with about 300 flying hours.

Media would like to express our thanks to Captain "PeC" for the invitation to the pressday and the Commander of the 1.sqn "Stingers" for their great hospitality and assistance on base. Thank you!
100th year anniversary of the1 Squadron of the Belgian Air Force livery
Air Force Unit Aircraft


338 Mira “Ares”, Andravida AB

2 x F-4E PI2000


4 Stormo, Grosseto AB

3 x EF2000


1.ELT, Minsk Mazowiecki AB

3 x MiG-29


Ala 11, Moron AB

3 x EF2000


100 sqn, Leeming AB

3 x Hawk T.1A


1.sgn and 350 sgn from 2nd Tactical Wing

several F-16 AM/BM

Two Mirage 2000-5F based at  Luxeuil, France. The 2-EJ with a special coloure scheme on the occasion of the 100th anniversary with a larg stork, the symbol of the squadron.
F-16 BM “30 years OCU” based at Kleine Brogel, Belgium  (OCU=Operational Conversion Unit)
F-16 AM from the 349 sqn based at Kleine Brogel, Belgium, Motto: “Strike Hard, Strike Home” with a spiked mace on the tail.

Two German Eurofighter (Tactical Air Wing 71. Richthofen). One special painted.

Other aircarft: support aircarft C-130 from Poland, Greece and Italy, CASA C-235 from Spain and several other Belgian aircraft such as Alpha Jet,
SF.260, A-109 Helicopter and Embraer ERJ-145

Report by Peter Thivessen with photography by Peter Thivessen and Ralf Peter Walter for
with additional images and notes by István Kelecsényi

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