2017 Event Review

International Air Show 2017 Radom, Poland, August 26-27, 2017
Location: Radom AFB, Poland
Admission: free entry (with in internet registration)
Parking: No official parking, on streets and nearby parks
Value:Very Good
Rating out of 10: 8

Su-22 Fitters

Held biannually, the Radom Airshow has built up a reputation in recent years as one of Europe's largest aviation events - with its geographical location attracting a diverse array of aircraft from both East and West. The Radom International Air Show 2017 was held in memory of the 85th Anniversary of Challange 1932. The "Challenge 1932", was an event in which the Polish pilot Franciszek Żwirko won the International Tourist Aircraft Competition.

As for every military airshow, historic and current aircraft were on show. Several foreign countries sent aircraft for the static and dynamic display. For Example the RAF sent a Tornado GR4 and a Hawk, the Spanish AF brought an EF2000, the RDAF participated with two F-16, the Swiss AF had two F/A-18 and a Super Puma helicopter. Even the Austrian AF flew in with two venerable Saab 105OE. A highlight was the newly formed display team "Couteau Delta" with two Mirage 2000D. This team is the successor to the "Ramex Delta" team and is based at BA 133 Nancy-Ochey. Also, fairly new in the airshow business is the "Sparflex" team. This is a privately owned, French aerobatic team performing their displays with two L-39 Albatros.
The public was able to admire the aircraft not only during their air display but also closely at the static display, which provided a great variety of civil and historic aircraft: RWD 5R Polish Touring and Sports Plane, The Let-Mont Tulak Light Aircraft, Yak-18Trainer Aircraft, Antonov-2 Biplane, DH82A Tiger Moth Trainer Biplane and DHC-1 Chipmunk Trainer Aircraft.
As would be expected, the Polish Air Force was demonstrated en masse at the show, with familiar favourites such as the MiG-29 Fulcrum solo and Su-22 Fitter Tactical Team display.
Each day the host nation opened the afternoon flying display with a mass flypast featuring nearly every type in the Polish Air Force inventory. Formations of Mi-2 Hoplites, Mi-24 Hinds & Mi-8/17 Hips, W-3 Sokol, MiG-29 Fulcrums, Su-22 Fitters, M-28 Bryzas, C-235, and C-130 Hercules were a sight to behold for visiting enthusiasts, and in all 64 aircraft took part in the impressive spectacle. The workhorse of the Polish military, the W-3 Sokoł, featured in a solo & three-ship (TS-11 Iskra, MiG-29 and F-16C Falcon "Jastreb" in Polish) display which rounded off the flying display on both Saturday and Sunday. The Sokoł is a real success story for the Polish aviation industry, however it is rarely seen on display outside its home nation - making it a real treat to see the helicopters (in a variety of tpyes and names) performing. Another impressive display not seen outside of Poland is a routine of two Mi-24 Hinds performing together. An interesting combination of tactical manoeuvring and photogenic pivots, the display was a great chance to view the rarely seen drab green helicopters.
The most attention grabbing display from the home team at Radom was a short close air support demonstration: lasting approximately 120 seconds! The display comprised a pair of Su-22s completing a high speed bombing run, accompanied by plenty of ground based pyrotechnics with a pair of F-16Cs performing a max-rate turn over the airfield while deploying flares.
One of the most anticipated flying display participants was the MiG-21 LanceR, of which two Romanian Air Force examples were in attendance. While the classic Soviet jet fighter from the 60's has the turning circle of an oil tanker, it still managed to put on an attractive display showing all angles of the aircraft - as well as a number of chances to hear the characteristic 'pop' as the afterburner was engaged.
Despite the enormous size of the Ukrainian Su-27PM-1 fighter, the displayed was spectacular as it showed off maneuvers that smaller and nimbler fighters would be envy off. The rumble of the two Ljulka AL-31F engines shook the eardrums. In addition to the SAAB J-105OE training aircraft, Austrian participation included a collection of the Red Bull aircraft. From the demonstration teams we saw the demonstration by the Latvia Baltic Bees (L-39) and the Polish Team Iskry (TS-11) and Orlik Team (PLZ-130).
The static display was diverse, with examples of nearly every type of aircraft in the Polish inventory.The foreign aircraft at the static display consisted of an impressive array of European hardware including the Italian and Germany EF-2000 Eurofighters, Romanian MiG-21, Austrian J-105OE, Italian M347 Master, Netherlands F-16MLU and, Romanian and Lithuanian C-27 to complete the static line.
As with many Eastern-European air shows there were plenty of delicious food available at very reasonable prices for the enjoyment of all the attendees.
Participating Aircraft:

Polish Aerobatic Military Teams:
- Biało-Czerwone Iskry (Team Iskry  -  7xTS-11 Iskra advanced trainer Jet)
- Orlik Team. (7x PZL-130 Orlik - pistons trainer aircraft)
Foreign aerobatic team:
- Latvian Aerobatic Team "Baltic Bees". (6 x L-39ZO Albatros, advanced trainer jet)
- The Flying Bulls, ( B-25J Mitchell, F4U Corsair, T-28B Trojan and Bo-105 helicopter)

Other Teams:
- Cellfast Flying Team,
- Formation Flying Team,

- Aerobatic Team Żelazny


Polish Armed Forces aircraft such as:MiG-29, Su-22, F-16, C-295, C-130, M-28, TS-11, PZL-130, SW- Mi-2, Mi-24, W-3, Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-14, W-3 PL, W-3, W-3 SAR, Gulfstream 550.

>EF-2000 Eurofighter (static) M-346 Master from Leonardo (dynamic and static)


Saab J105 OE (dynamic and static),

2 x Su-27PM1 (dynamic and static)

An-26 (static)

-C-27 Spartan (static)

2 x MiG-21 Lancer (dynamic and static)
The Netherlands:

F-16MLU (static)

Eurofighter (static)

Lithuania: - C-27 Spartan (static)


B-52H (flypast only Saturday)

B-1B, (flypast only Sunday)

Report by Istvan Kelecsenyi and the Editor, photography as noted for

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