2016 Event Review

Danish Airshow at Skrydstrup Air Base June 19, 2016
Location: Skrydstrup Air Base, Denmark
Admission: Free -NOTE:Spotter Day (June 18): 150 Danish Krones
Parking: Free
Value: Very Good
Rating out of 10: 8.5

RNLAF AH-64D Apache Solo Display

Sunday, June, 19th, 2016 marked another edition of the biennial Danish Airshow at Skrydstrup Air Base, home of the F-16 fighter wing. With a mix of warbirds from different eras, modern aircraft and a parade from the Danish AF, the event lived up to expectations.

We started with arrivals on Friday at the runway approach area. The Turkish Stars and Patruilla Aguila rehearsed twice in cloudy weather. Soon after the Ukrainians arrived with a spectacular low pass with their IL-76 and SU-27s, escorted by 2 Danish AF F-16s. All the rest followed swiftly and to our surprise, 2 Norwegian AF F-16s replaced the "scheduled" French AF Mirage 2000, while the Lithuanians sent a SAR AS365 Dauphin instead of their Let L-410 Turbolet. The Cartouche Doré French display team went tech and unfortunately didn't make it.

Saturday was spotters day at the opposite side of the base, facing the crowd line. At a cost 150 Danish Krones, the event was limited to 250 photographers but it offered a much better perspective of the show. So many great performances, including demos from the Hellenic AF and Belgian AF F-16s, Danish AF C-130J, Polish AF MiG-29, YAK-3, CAC Boomerang replica and the SwAFHF Draken and Harvards. The Ukranian Flanker added the wow-factor to the day with some majestic manoeuvres, worth the spotter-pass price alone.
Sunday's air show day started with a long walk to the flightline with hundreds of families showing up from the early hours of the morning. The gates opened at 8, the Air Show itself started at 10. We were greeted by the historic aircraft line-up of the Danish AF: F-84, F-100, F-104 and F-16. Static vehicles and armour were on display as well. The static line-up allowed the public to get into the cockpits and close to the aircraft and helicopters. This restricted photography of the hardware, but offered a great opportunity for the younger generation to interact with pilots and crew.

Over all the event was very good with non-stop action from 10 am until 16:30 (4:30 pm). that included a B-52H flyby.

Performers included:

Belgian A-16AM Solo Team

Turkish Stars FN-5

Baby Blue Royal Danish Air Force Display Team Saab T-17 Supporter

Spanish AF Patruilla Aguila Casa C-101 Aviojets

Swiss AF Super Puma Display Team

Patrouille de France

Czech AF Mi-35 Hind

Polish AF MiG-29

Spanish AF Eurofighter


RDAF F-16AM and F-16BM

RDAF C-130

RDAF AS-550 Fennec

RDAF MH-60R Seahawk

HAF Zeus F-16C Solo Demo


OV-10 Bronco

CA-13 Boomerang (replica)

Saab SK 35C Draken

Fokker DR.1 Triplane ( replica)


Su-27 Ukranian AF

and many others...

Static displays included:







SAR AS365 Dauphin

German AF Eurofighter

deHaviland Chipmunk


Piper Club

and several other aircraft...

Report and photography by Max Zammit for

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