Annual Air Show Award


Aviation events such as air shows are not equal in size or by the number of performers. We decided that the over all experience based upon 20+ categories will determine the annual winner.

Our categories place an emphasis on organization, friendliness, hospitality, and willingness to help and listen, to the attendees to ensure fairness to all air shows, regardless of the size of each event. Weather, of course, is also a factor that plays a part in our determination. While this factor cannot be controlled, we recognize it can totally ruin even the best planned event. The air show with the highest rating up to a 10 out of 10 each year will receive our award.

We understand, to some, the ratings process we've designed, is very subjective. Air shows have to adapt with the times and just because that is the way it was done for the past years it doesn't mean, it is good enough at the present, or they automatically deserve a 10 out of 10 just for having an air show, or because they offered a media ride. Organizers involved with some smaller air shows complained to us over the year: just how can they can compete with larger air shows, or free air shows held at military bases that draw Major Teams from world wide.

The answer is not as complex as one may think. Make yours the BEST by the charm of your smaller venue, specialize and cater to your audience in organized manner, take a look from their perspective. Be people friendly and give a GREAT value for the dollars spent at your air show. Nickel-and-diming attendees to death, allowing vendors to charge outrageous prices for food and beverage or using coupons to buy food, is a good way to turn off many from attending your event in the future. Educate your volunteers to be helpful and not to be argumentative and confrontational. Provide ways for a feedback; good or bad.

There are many opportunities at any air shows from small to large that can always be improved, streamlined and be made more friendlier. You can always hire us to assess your show, and suggest honest rational improvements feel free to contact us at (info at Progressive air show organizers visit many other events learning and drawing from experiences. Such air show organizers also read our reviews, and are willing to listen to our critiques, recognizing the simple and/or complex improvements that can take their air show to the next level!


Our team, through our process, determines the final BEST. All our decisions are final. We look forward to announcing a new, BEST, after he air show season has ended, usually in our in our first Spring issue each year!


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