Thunder Over Michigan (TOM) 2016 Air Show gallery images by The Aviation Magazine

Helicopters was the main theme “Helotown, USA” for this year’s Thunder Over Michigan Air Show. A pair of Mi-24D Hinds, which were to have been the stars of the show (a photo of a Hind was featured on the back of every volunteer T-shirt) failed to show up. The "Helotown USA" segment was rather disappointing. Billed as a varied selection of helicopters, and being the theme of the show, one expected more than the three helicopters which flew by: a Bell 47 (the original Bat Copter from the television series), a Robinson R44, and an Enstrom F-28A in military-inspired markings. Apart from the helicopter segment TOM for 2016 delivered a good air show. See our images in The Aviation Magazine.

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