Available Positions

The Aviation Magazine is run by all volunteer staff. All positions are unpaid. If you are interested in joining our magazine and have sufficient time to work with us, we have openings on strictly voluntary basis for a few dedicated aviation enthusiast. Feel free to contact us.

  • NONE available at this time.


In most cases all the work can be done from your home, all you need is internet access, a phone, a computer, word processing software, such as MS Word, or if you are savy with programming for our website, using Dreamweaver for coding and page layouts. If you are interested in becoming a Contributing Photographer or Photojournalist, you must have a DSLR camera with min of 12MP with interchangeable lenses. We are not brand conscious - only quality conscious of your images, be able to speak and write English, and this is very important we prefer someone with good writing skill and who can express their though properly in English. Goggle or similar translators do not work for us.