2018 Danish Air Show images by The Aviation Magazine

On June 10th the Danish Air Show took place at the Aalborg Air Base, in Denmark. The main star of this meeting were unquestionably the Norwegian F‐104D which arrived on Saturday evening. The Norwegian F‐104's arrival was eagerly awaited by the numerous spotters who came to admire the venerable "widower maker". This two‐seater Starfighter is actually a Canadair CF‐104D that served in the Canadian Armed Forces. Sold to the Norwegian Air Force in 1973 when the Canadians got rid of parts of their Starfighter fleet. The second main attraction was the Ukrainian Su27 Flanker which arrived on Friday. The Ukrainian Air Force sent a pair of Sukhoi Su‐27s with an Ilyushin Il-76MD support plane for the event. See our images in The Aviation Magazine.

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